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Innovative, Engaging, Memorable,

VideoPak is a video playback device that fuses LCD screen technology into print or packaging. Video brochures are a premium product that help communicate audio-visual video messages in a stylish, sophisticated and memorable way. VideoPak will help Power-Up the  promotion of your product, service or marketing message.
VideoPak is the market leading company in the design and mass production of video brochures.

The world’s simplest solution complete with Beacons, Cloud updating & App

Live Beacons are portable, wireless, battery-powered devices that are used to provide useful and contextually relevant content & information direct to nearby mobile devices. 
Full-screen Website, video or interactive content ~
Track & measure every interaction ~
Remotely update the Beacon content via our cloud portal ~
Available for iOS & Android devices ~

Live Beacons are an innovative marketing solution that helps bridge the physical and digital worlds. 

Digital Key for Marketo
USB wristband

Digital Key

Website launching branded USB with tracking & analytics

Digital key is a patented USB device that automatically launches a website when plugged into a computer. It is an interactive physical-to-digital product that launches the website without any clicks or typing.

Trackable via unique ID code on each unit ~
Cloud based analytics / reporting system ~
Impressive ROI ~
Cost effective and modern way to interact and engage ~

LED in Print

LED light technology in print & packaging 

Engaging and cost effective way to help bring engagement and interactivity to print and packaging.
The technology can be manufactured to offer ‘points’ of light within print, or diffused over a selected part of a printed space ‘spreading’ the LED colours over a large surface area.
The LED technology can be created in a very simple format where you open up the pack and the LEDs turn on, or in a sophisticated format with multiple buttons and colours.

Custom shaped USB

Creatively designed, bespoke shaped USB’s

Creative USB’s are a custom designed and manufactured digital media storage solution that will never fail to impress. They are a re-usable and stylish way to promote a logo, brand or product. They can be custom made in the shape of a product or logo.
We have been designing and manufacturing USBs in PVC, Silicone, Metal, Wood, and ABS plastic since 2007.

Audio in Print

Speaker technology in print and packaging

Cost effective solution for adding value to print and packaging through the addition of speaker technology.
The audio message can be automatically activated on opening, or manually activated through the addition of push buttons.

Introduce a new level of engagement to your traditional printed brochure and ensure your marketing message stands out and is not tossed into the bin like many print-only direct marketing campaigns are!



Transparent Digital Screen display box

DSD Box is a cutting edge product display unit that is designed to showcase a product and video simultaneously – not an easy task to achieve.

The innovative transparent screen is fused into a stylish display case and will promote a real-life product in an engaging and memorable way that will truly make people stop and stare!

LED – Animated display

Bringing product displays to life.

Animated LED displays takes conventional light-up displays to the next level. With the addition of sophisticated LED technology our creative solution brings print to life with the use of cleverly pre-programmed animation design.
Having a display fully illuminated without animation  is not enough in today’s crowded marketplace with brands and products fighting for attention.  Animated LED creates attention-grabbing motion that will not fail to catch the eye.

Transformers USB in Tin

Creative Packaging

Innovative product packaging solutions

Packaging a product with flare and creativity is a reliable technique to ensure your product stands out over your competition.
Our many years of experience has made us the go-to company for creative packaging design & production using materials such as:

  • Foam
  • Tin Plate
  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Rigid Board
  • Lenticular
  • Printed Plastic
  • Folding Box Board
  • Alu-tech
  • Silicone
  • Pop Up print
  • Multi-Dimensional print

USB in Print

Flash memory storage device fused into print

This unique product is designed to allow you to present your digital media content within print and packaging.  

Now, your printed brochure can contain a pop-out USB with 4GB, 8GB or 16GB of storage.  

Unlike conventional ‘widget’ USBs that are typically made of plastic, metal or wood, you now have the option of including printed card for a truly physical-digital solution. 



Popular formats for Audio / Visual content delivery

CDs and DVDs are a well known and cost effective format for the delivery of digital content.
For over 10 years we have supplied CD and DVD production services to the corporate and entertainment markets.
Whether low run CDr / DVDr duplication or high volume CD / DVD replication, our disc copying quality and range of packaging is well known in the industry.


Innovative, low power printed digital tech

E-paper is a portable, robust, long-lasting and light weight solution that creatively animates conventional print, making it look ‘alive’.
It is a fusion of printed plastic with electronic e-paper technology to create an attention grabbing and innovative form of digital display. It is designed to help you stand out and get noticed by drawing attention to the eye.
The result is an attention grabbing proposition that will help draw the eye towards a product.


Solar in Print

Converting Sun’s energy to electricity with Solar panels in print

Solar-in-print is a clever and innovative promotional marketing concept that allows end users to charge a small mobile device on the go, without any need for a mains connection – just direct sunlight.
Small, slimline, portable and eco-friendly power source that useful to the end user.

USB & Memory Card

Physical format for Digital storage

USB’s and Memory Cards are a versatile and widely used and digital format used by companies to deliver digital content to mobile devices and PC’s.
We have one of the UK’s largest duplication capacities and have provided USB, SD Card and Micro SD card duplication services to some of the world’s leading technology brands.
We offer blank USBs & memory cards or we can fully data load your content onto the Flash Memory.


Wireless technology linking print to smartphones

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connectivity technology that enables users to access or transmit digital content with a single touch.
NFC has a wide range of uses and is an innovative technology that can be fused into many promotional / marketing products. NFC will help you communicate and engage with most modern day ‘smart’ mobile devices with a single ‘tap’ of the device on the NFC product.


Creative way to play back memories

MemoryPak is a personalised keepsake and a highly unique product that plays back Videos of your special memories on an LCD screen that is fused into print.
Powered by VideoPak technology, it can be used as an impressive gift for the digital playback of any occasion including weddings, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, births, and many more.


Portable Power Bank

Standard or custom shaped power banks

Power Banks can come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be branded with a logo or message.
As we are heavily reliant on our Tablets and Smart Phones, when there isn’t a plug socket in sight, Power banks are a useful solution to prevent a dying battery, and are a practical promotional marketing product.

Branded Google Cardboard

Enhanced reality experience using Smartphones or VideoPak

These branded video viewers are an entertaining solution for those looking to enjoy an extra-impressive video viewing experience in a fun and interactive way.

Create a mini 3D cinema effect to ensure your video is seen in a personal zone, without distraction to help command full attention and ensure the information on your video is fully absorbed.

Video Badge

LCD screen POS unit or wearable

Video Badge is a super-high quality LCD screen neatly presented in a stylish way.

Designed to play back video in HD, over long periods of time without needing charging or mains connection.
Small, compact, convenient.

Unique Products. Unique Experience.


Everybody loves something unique.  Everybody likes to create  something original.  Everybody loves to stand out.

Our products can be created as off-the-shelf solutions or re-designed in a brand new size or shape to give some extra ‘je ne sais quoi’.

We have options to suit most budgets, lead times and design criteria.

High Impact

If you don’t want your marketing communication to be tossed directly into the bin, the method you use to win attention needs to be executed with thought, care and precision.

Using innovative technology to add value to conventional formats will help you be remembered – an important result that is not easy to achieve with other conventional marketing formats.


Sensory marketing is in vogue as companies truly understand the importance of stimulating the senses of their target audience in order to achieve hard to attain attention.

Multi-Sensory marketing increases engagement and intensifies the impact of campaigns because of its creative and interactive features. 

Low or High quantities

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, companies used to reach out to millions of prospects in one campaign.  As years went by, ‘millions’ turned into ‘hundreds of thousands’, and then into ‘tens of thousands’.  Now, with advanced  and sophisticated production technology, it is possible to efficiently directly target just a small handful of important people.


  • The campaign got off to a flying start. A single contract, sold in the first week, has already paid for all the marketing activity, and there have been more to follow, including a £1 million deal across 5 countries. The benchmark for all future campaigns. A job well done!

    Vodafone’s Head of Marketing Vodafone / Head of Marketing
  • The video folder is a very innovative tool to let our customers dive in to the universe of our product. It enables us to communicate a story and emotion to the sales team to develop their knowledge and educate them how to best to position the product to our customers.

    Procter & Gamble Nederland B.V. / Training & Events Manager Benelux
  • "Quick note to tell you that the videopaks were a HUGE hit in LA. We achieved the “wow effect” that we were looking for, and our Editor-in-Chief would like us to explore more opportunities with your products”

    Marketing Manager, US/Americas MR PORTER / Marketing Manager, US/Americas
  • "Videopak is a truly innovative product that creates many new marketing and PR opportunities. The customisable, bespoke packaging enables us to constantly create new concepts and sell these into our clients. The VideoPak team are a pleasure to work with and are a great help as each project progresses."

    FP Creative
  • Just a quick note to let you know we have safely received the VideoPaks this morning.

    The packs look fantastic & video quality really sharp. Thank you to you and the team for getting these done for us in the short amount of time we had! They look amazing, and I’m sure our client will agree.

    TAG Worldwide / Deborah
  • The VideoPak team were extremely helpful throughout the design and production process. We have ended up with a brilliant product which carries a real ‘wow’ factor. The feedback we have received so far has been superb

    Shiplake College / Head of Marketing and Communications
  • Thanks again for your help in getting this project done for us. We used the micro series VideoPak at our event this week and they made such a great impression. They were a great tool in generating attention to our big ideas!!!

    Base Beauty Creative Agency Base Beauty Creative Agency / Creative Director
  • The VideoPaks we produced had amazing standout with the media agencies and clients we sent them to. They had a massive wow! factor with recipients. I like the fact that in this age of everyone sending out e-mails, these are direct-mail pieces that physically land on people’s desks and guarantee interaction, people would watch all of the video content (3 videos) which you can’t guarantee when you send out E-DMs. Plus will get passed around the office. As a broadcasting organisation we will definitely be looking to use these again in the future as they are perfect to showcase our content.

    BBC Worldwide / Marketing Manager
  • Many thanks for all your help in getting them to me on time. They look brilliant and I'm really happy with the product and service received. We will be distributing them next week at our biggest event of the year.

    Leica Geosystems /Marketing & Communications Manager
  • "I just received the invitation of Mrs. Frankel and I want to congratulate you for the great and high quality printing that you made! It's beautiful!

  • The video brochures just showed up today and they look FANTASTIC! We’re so happy with the final product.

    Thank you for all your help on this, your customer service was exceptional. We’ll be sure to recommend your services in the future!

    AlayaCare / Marketing Coordinator
  • Best use of video I have seen since we started in the video production business in 1982...and we have seen it all.

    CMC Media Group
  • The Judges pack went down amazingly well. We had some fantastic social from it where people have taken photos of the light bulb and sent. So thank you very much for all your hard work on this.

    Direct Maketing Association
  • The judges packs and they look amazing! We’ve already had some very positive feedback from the judges which is great. Great work!

  • The box is AMAZING! We are really proud of it! Very well done. Please express our gratitude to your team.

    Adecco Group