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Video screens in Print & Packaging

VideoPak is an engaging and memorable video playback product that fuses LCD screen technology into print or packaging. Video brochures are a premium product that help communicate audiovisual video messages to a target audience in a stylish and sophisticated way. The VideoPak video brochure is an exciting and modern way to market or promote any product, service or message. Since 2009, VideoPak has been leading the market in the design and mass production of video brochures.

VideoPak Vodafone with Pocket

Digital Key

Website launching USB device

Digital Key is a small USB device that when plugged into a computer, automatically launches a website. It is designed as a Physical-to-Digital product that interactively links physical print directly to online web content without any clicks or typing.

  • Trackable via unique ID code on each unit
  • Cloud based analytics / reporting system
  • Superior ROI to print-only formats
  • Cost effective and modern way to interact and engage
Digital Key by Amstore


Wireless technology linking to smartphones

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connectivity technology that enables users to access or transmit digital content with a single touch.

NFC has a wide range of uses and is an innovative technology that can be fused into many promotional / marketing products to communicate and engage with most modern day 'smart' mobile devices with a single 'tap' of the device on the NFC product.

VideoPak Vodafone with Pocket

Creative packaging solutions

Making products stand out with Impressive packaging

Packaging a product in an innovative or creative way is a well known and reliable technique to ensure your product stands out over your competition.

Our years of experience have made us a market leader in creative packaging using:

  • Foam
  • Tin Plate
  • Wood & Bamboo
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Folding Carton and Rigid Board
  • Lenticular
Creative Packaging by Amstore


Transparent Digital Screen display boxes

DSD Box is a cutting edge product display unit that is designed to showcase a product and video simultaneously - not an easy task to achieve.

The innovative transparent screen is fused into a stylish display case and will promote a real-life product in an engaging and memorable way that will truly make people stop and stare!

VideoPak Vodafone with Pocket

USB & Memory Card

Reliable digital storage products

USBs and Memory Cards are a modern and versatile digital format used by companies to deliver digital content to mobile devices.

We have one of the UK’s largest duplication capacities and have provided USB, SD Card and Micro SD card duplication services to some of the worlds leading technology brands.

We offer blank USBs & memory cards or we can fully data load your content onto the Flash Memory.

USB & Memory by Amstore


Print meets digital technology

E-paper is a portable, robust, long-lasting and light weight solution that creatively animates conventional print, making it look 'alive'

It is a fusion of printed plastic with electronic e-paper technology to create an attention grabbing and innovative form of digital display. It is designed to help you stand out and get noticed by drawing attention to the eye.

The result is an eye catching proposition that will help draw attention to a product.

E-paper by Amstore

Custom shaped USB

Creatively designed, bespoke shapes

Creative USBs are a digital media storage solution that will never fail to impress. They are a re-usable and stylish way to promote a logo, brand or product.

We have been designing and manufacturing USBs in PVC, Silicone, Metal, Wood, and ABS plastic since 2007.

Creative USB by Amstore


Cost effective and well known digital formats

CDs and DVDs are a well known and cost effective format for the delivery of digital content.

For over 10 years we have supplied CD and DVD production services to the corporate and entertainment markets.

Whether low run CDr / DVDr duplication or high volume CD / DVD replication, our disc copying quality and range of packaging is well known in the industry.

CD & DVD by Amstore


Playing back memories on video screens

MemoryPak is a personalised keepsake and a highly unique product that plays back Videos of your special memories on an LCD screen that is fused into print.

It can be used as an impressive gift for the digital playback of any occasion including weddings, birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, births, and many more.

VideoPak Vodafone with Pocket

Solar in Print

Solar panels fused into print converting Sun's energy to electricity

Solar-in-print is a revolutionary concept that allows end users to charge a small mobile device on the go without any need for a mains connection – just direct sunlight.

This engaging promotional marketing product is useful and innovative to the end user.

Small, slimline, portable & eco-friendly power source.

Solar in Print

LED in Print

Fusing LED light technology into print & packaging

LED in print is an engaging and cost effective way to help bring end-user interactivity to print and packaging.

The technology can be manufactured to offer 'points' of light within print, or diffused over an selected part of the print 'spreading' the LED colours over a large surface area.

The LED technology can be created in a very simple format where you open up the pack and the LEDs turn on. Or in a sophisticated format with multiple buttons and colours.

We Design. Mass Produce. Deliver.

LED in Print

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Our products can be used as stand-alone marketing materials or fused into promotional or retail product packaging.

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