Videoviewer by Video Brochure

VideoViewer is a cool combination of Google Cardboard with our
VideoPak video screen product.

VideoViewer has been designed to improve how your target audience view your video
in a way that is a little more impressive than the conventional channels.
Anybody that has spent time, money and energy creating and producing a video needs
to ensure that the viewers watching the video not only enjoy the experience
but remember it too.
So how will you achieve this effect?

* Will you be just one of the millions of videos uploaded to the internet each day?
* Will you just hope that your video will be found and watched by your target audience?
* Will you use an out of date channel that doesn’t ‘wow’ the viewer?

Our fully branded VideoViewer creates a dynamic, memorable, enjoyable and impressive
video viewing experience by allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the occasion.
This innovative product combo will work well to complement other marketing channels as
some people (not all) deserve that little bit of extra special treatment!
That extra little bit of love and attention!
These VIP’s need to be treated differently to the masses!

Using the VideoPak + 3D Viewer combo will certainly add tremendous impact to your:

* Direct Mail piece
* Meeting leave-behinds
* Give-aways / Hand-outs
* Invitations

VideoViewer is a convenient and stylish product. As a marketing piece, it saves the end user
having to use their own phone to find your video online. Just open, turn on, close and watch.