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Everything you need to send location-specific content to nearby mobile devices

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A seamless end-to-end iBeacon solution designed to enhance location experiences

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What is iBeacon?

iBeacon is a set of guidelines created by Apple to help developers build location-based hardware (beacons) and software.


A beacon is a wireless device that utilises Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to transmit data signals to mobile devices when in close proximity.


iBeacon on it’s own is not a consumer product or a finished marketing solution, and that’s where Live Beacon comes in.  As iBeacon technology is set to forever change the experience of how we receive content to our Smartphones, Live Beacon has been designed to work seamlessly around the tech.

What is Live Beacon?

Powered by iBeacon technology, Live Beacon is the world’s first turnkey iBeacon solution that is affordable and instantly ready to deploy . It conveniently provides everything you need to send location-specific content to nearby smartphones & tablets – with no fuss or any extra development whatsoever.


When your smartphone or tablet comes into range, the free Live Beacon app receives the signal and triggers a notification, informing you that a beacon is nearby and to engage with it’s content (information, discount, reward, incentive).


From a product in a shop, a marketing promotion campaign, to the menu at your favourite restaurant, Live Beacon delivers content straight to you depending on where you are and what you are interested in.

When you’re out and about, keep an eye out for the Live Beacon logo  as it means you’re at a Live Beacon enabled location.

If you’ve already got the app, you’ll automatically receive a notification!

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The free Live Beacon App available on iOS (iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch) & Android.  It only takes a few seconds to download and is less than 5MB…

As the future of physical to Digital marketing communication technology, Live Beacon will change the experience of how we receive content on our smartphones forever!

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What is the Live Beacon solution?

The Live Beacon solution is the simplest and most efficient way to deliver location-specific content to your customers mobile devices relative to their location and interests.

We’ve developed the world’s first end-to-end system that enables you to send any web content (existing or custom built) to nearby iOS & Android devices; with no coding required.

All you have to do is…

1) Position the Beacon devices where you want them.

2) Log in to the Live Beacon online portal and update the URL (web address) and the distance (up to 30 meters) that you want them to transmit.

Each Beacon has its own unique code for individual Beacon management and tracking.

3) Promote the free Live Beacon App.  Then, enjoy your target audience engaging and interacting within your venue and with your content on their mobile devices like never before.

A white-labelled version of the Live Beacon app (with your name/ branding) is available for an additional fee.

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Live Beacon turns any location into a content-rich, interactive and engaging space.

How does our Live Beacon solution work?

The Live Beacon Platform is comprised of three key elements:


Our Beacons are purpose-designed, built and pre-programmed specifically for our proprietary solution.  They are literally ready to install.

Each beacon has its own unique code, so can be very easily managed and updated by via it’s online portal..

Our wireless beacons are discreet (smaller than a matchbox), weatherproof, have a range of up to 30 metres and a battery life of over 2 years.


You can remotely manage your individual Live Beacons via our online management Portal.

Simply update the URL (web address) of your online content and update the distance (from ‘touching’ to 30 meters) that you want your Beacon to broadcast to.

It take just seconds for the content of an updated URL to appear on users’ devices.


The Live Beacon App is free and available to download right now on iOS and Android devices.

When engaged with a nearby Beacon, the App displays your content full-screen on users’ devices and will automatically switch between content depending on which beacon is closest as they move around.

The App is approved by Apple and Android is less than 5 MB, so it takes just a few seconds to download.

Why Live Beacon?

  • Live Beacon is ready to go. Right Now! It is a tried and tested product and service.
  • Live Beacon is the world’s first truly end-to-end iBeacon solution. All you need to do is add your content.
  • Live Beacon is an efficient, affordable and effective solution.
  • Live Beacon is simple to use, yet robust. It’s built to be used by thousands of users at one location.
  • Live Beacon is quick and simple to install. No long development times. No expensive programmers. No App Store rejections.
  • Live Beacon is scalable. From a single beacon in a coffee shop, to thousands of beacons spanning a city.
  • Live Beacon is discreet. It’s branding is neutral so it doesn’t detract from your message. Your content takes over the entire screen.
  • Live Beacon is future-proof. It will always support the latest devices and operating systems.
  • Live Beacon is a reusable investment as you can easily move and update your Beacons, making a highly attractive ‘cost-per-use’ ROI.

Your first beacon can be up and running in under an hour — no other  beacon system is as easy or efficient to roll out.

Here are just a few examples to get the creative juices flowing…


Let visitors bring their own devices rather than handing out clunky and expensive players. Deliver a rich media experience for each exhibit, one that’s automatically translated to their mother tongue. Live Beacon can offer a truly modern audio tour.


Send today’s menu straight to your customers’ phones — they’re likely looking at them anyway! Update pricing and availability without reprinting. Want to get really fancy? Pop a Beacon under every table and offer ordering and
payment options.


Enable exhibitors to virtually increase the size of their stand. Provide visitors with product info, contact details and the facility to arrange a callback. Add an
interactive map of the entire exhibition hall, highlighting where they currently are, where they’ve been and where they’ve yet to discover (and where the loos are!).

Where can Live Beacons be used?






















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How London’s Southbank centre have used the Live Beacon solution