Creative marketing products for

physical delivery of digital content

Amstore Innovation works with companies to enhance how they engage and interact with important customers and prospects through the use of creative marketing products that will cut-through and really resonate with the recipient.

As a creative production agency, we fuse cutting-edge technology into print and packaging to devise interactive products that will power-up any marketing communication campaign

We live in a world where we, as individuals, are bombarded daily with advertising and marketing ‘noise’ from companies competing for our attention, and as businesses where we compete fiercely to stand ahead of the competition.
Our innovative products help businesses to deliver their marketing messages and digital content in a way that is interesting, memorable and impactful.

We have been designing and creating innovative direct marketing products for many years now and have worked with many of the worlds most creative companies.

Our products will super-charge how any marketing campaign message is delivered and improve the brand experience to help win new customers, retain existing customers and, simply put – amaze everyone!

Our dedicated, experienced and skilled team of experts are on standby to receive your project brief and advise on product suitability from inception through to delivery into the hands of your target audience.

We enjoy working with companies big and small, all around the world. Our team is your team and we are available to answer your questions on what products best suit your project in terms of budget, specification and production lead times.

Our Promise

To operate an honest, trustworthy and reliable business, with a world class service, delivering high quality products that are fairly priced.

To impress both customers and supply-chain partners with our efficient and effective business model. 

Our Mission

To develop and deliver vast amounts of premium, innovative promotional marketing products around the world that will impress anyone that receives one.  

To work with everyone from established global brands and agencies through to start up companies.

To crush the competition and amaze everyone!  

Our Vision

To maintain our status as a highly reputable, respected and well thought of company that works with big and small companies around the world.

To push the boundaries of physical+digital product innovation for marketing and communications and have our products used by millions of people worldwide.

Our Values

Integrity, excellence and respect for clients and suppliers alike.

  • The campaign got off to a flying start. A single contract, sold in the first week, has already paid for all the marketing activity, and there have been more to follow, including a £1 million deal across 5 countries. The benchmark for all future campaigns. A job well done!

    Vodafone’s Head of Marketing Vodafone / Head of Marketing
  • The video folder is a very innovative tool to let our customers dive in to the universe of our product. It enables us to communicate a story and emotion to the sales team to develop their knowledge and educate them how to best to position the product to our customers.

    Procter & Gamble Nederland B.V. / Training & Events Manager Benelux
  • "Quick note to tell you that the videopaks were a HUGE hit in LA. We achieved the “wow effect” that we were looking for, and our Editor-in-Chief would like us to explore more opportunities with your products”

    Marketing Manager, US/Americas MR PORTER / Marketing Manager, US/Americas
  • "Videopak is a truly innovative product that creates many new marketing and PR opportunities. The customisable, bespoke packaging enables us to constantly create new concepts and sell these into our clients. The VideoPak team are a pleasure to work with and are a great help as each project progresses."

    FP Creative
  • Just a quick note to let you know we have safely received the VideoPaks this morning.

    The packs look fantastic & video quality really sharp. Thank you to you and the team for getting these done for us in the short amount of time we had! They look amazing, and I’m sure our client will agree.

    TAG Worldwide / Deborah
  • The VideoPak team were extremely helpful throughout the design and production process. We have ended up with a brilliant product which carries a real ‘wow’ factor. The feedback we have received so far has been superb

    Shiplake College / Head of Marketing and Communications
  • Thanks again for your help in getting this project done for us. We used the micro series VideoPak at our event this week and they made such a great impression. They were a great tool in generating attention to our big ideas!!!

    Base Beauty Creative Agency Base Beauty Creative Agency / Creative Director
  • The VideoPaks we produced had amazing standout with the media agencies and clients we sent them to. They had a massive wow! factor with recipients. I like the fact that in this age of everyone sending out e-mails, these are direct-mail pieces that physically land on people’s desks and guarantee interaction, people would watch all of the video content (3 videos) which you can’t guarantee when you send out E-DMs. Plus will get passed around the office. As a broadcasting organisation we will definitely be looking to use these again in the future as they are perfect to showcase our content.

    BBC Worldwide / Marketing Manager
  • Many thanks for all your help in getting them to me on time. They look brilliant and I'm really happy with the product and service received. We will be distributing them next week at our biggest event of the year.

    Leica Geosystems /Marketing & Communications Manager
  • "I just received the invitation of Mrs. Frankel and I want to congratulate you for the great and high quality printing that you made! It's beautiful!



We like to think of ourselves as a professional, friendly and experienced team.

The faces behind the positions:

  • James Grant
    James Grant Technical Director
  • Javier Bustamante
    Javier Bustamante Company Mascot
  • Mr Coffee
    Mr Coffee Caffeine Manciple
  • Emma Bustamante
    Emma Bustamante Marketing Executive
  • Clive Dickenson
    Clive Dickenson Sales Director
  • Ana Sedano
    Ana Sedano Head of Design
  • Bharat Khemlani
    Bharat Khemlani Managing Director - VideoPak Hong Kong & China
  • Marcelo Bustamante Managing Director
  • Praddy Vela
    Praddy Vela Commercial Director
  • Piraveena Siva
    Piraveena Siva Finance Assistant
  • Roy Slattery
    Roy Slattery Sales Manager
  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith Sales Manager


We are proud to work with some of the worlds best known brands.  We are also proud to work with SME’s and start up companies that are working hard every day to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Why Amstore Innovation?

With other competitor companies out there to choose from this is a good question. However, if you are interested to receive a premium product produced with high quality technology components, with an excellent service, at a fair price, you might want to consider us – an ambitious and plucky company that has been causing a stir in the digital media production industry since 2005.

Amstore Innovation has evolved over the years with now one simple aim:

…to help our clients stand out from their competition and achieve outstanding results in their direct marketing campaigns.”

More than ten years on, Amstore Innovation has become synonymous with creating superb products, delivered around the world with aggressively competitive prices.


So how do we take on our competitors in our industry?

  • Firstly, we believe we are truly unique in our service and product offerings. No other company has the product range and the marketing solutions experience and expertise that we do.
  • Our supply chain network spans the world, with manufacturing partnerships in the UK, Europe and the Far East. Many of our products are manufactured in China – the universally acknowledged home of technology production.
  • We have a unique business model that sees our customers orders coming directly from the factory – taking out all the expensive middlemen.
  • We genuinely believe that we apply fair margins to our cost prices, and we’re open about that, resulting in honest pricing for the product quality received and the service given.
  • We are determined to provide the type of customer care that you may have thought vanished in the last century, however is very much still alive here at Amstore Innovation.


We’re an English company with our HQ in Harrow, Middlesex (just a few miles from central London), so it’s perhaps no surprise that our product designs, like bespoke British tailoring, is at the cutting edge of creativity and flare. We pride ourselves on creating pleasing and intuitive products for our customers that are stylish, yet simple. But to ensure a level of quality and a cost price that it’s just not possible to procure by manufacturing in Britain, many of our products are made in China under the watchful eye of dedicated and experienced network of project managers, in a region where we see Apple Inc. assembly facilities as our neighbours.


It’s quite simple. The Chinese have the best technology and assembly infrastructure in the world. We are very fortunate to work with some of the most experienced, capable and ambitious companies, and we give them the trust to produce our innovations under the control of the tried and tested production process we have in place. For our approved partners, nothing is too much trouble when it comes to ensuring our orders reach our clients on time, and of course, at the highest quality level. We genuinely consider our partner factories as an extension of our own office, and the feeling is reciprocated with the value our partners put on the Amstore Innovation UK office.


We are successful in winning the trust of some of the world’s biggest and best known companies because we have managed to attract clients with our positive can-do attitude, vast product solutions and flexible service offering, with the ability to turn products around VERY quickly when needs must.

In addition, by having low overheads and no large company debts or outside investments, as a company, we are privately owned with the major shareholders actively involved with the running of the company and the successful direction of the business.


For us, our philosophy in pricing our products and service is simple; whatever the cost price of the product, we typically add between 5% and 30% depending on the order quantity and that is the selling price (excluding VAT). This gives us just enough margin to make a fair profit after covering the running costs of the business.

We would prefer to work with lots of great companies, on lots of exciting projects than manage just a few projects at a high margin.

Because of this approach, we achieve very competitive manufacturing rates from our partners. We call this ‘value-through-volume’, and the cost savings we achieve are passed to our clients to help us create our competitive edge.

Our competitors may offer a similar price however we are confident that our products are superior in quality and produced with better technology components and superior print and finishing quality. After examining many samples we have received of our competitors, they are often lower grade components and being sold at the same price. We do not compromise on the high grade quality of our components. This usually means the margins our competitors make, with their low quality components are considerably higher than ours.


We have an unashamedly old-fashioned approach to customer service that relies on respect, courtesy and common sense. It’s born of an acknowledgement that our success is entirely dependent on our clients satisfaction. And that’s what we aim for every time.

We are not a perfect company (hey, please tell us if you find one), and have slipped on many banana skins along the way, however, in the rare event that things don’t go exactly to plan, we aim to put them right quickly with minimal fuss and hassle for our clients. And if ever our clients are unhappy or frustrated with our service (or delighted and wanting to share the love) the senior management team of the business can be contacted at the email addresses below and you can be sure one or more of them will help you out.

Having learned an awful lot over the last 10 years about how products are designed, manufactured and distributed, as well as how product components are priced, produced or sourced, Amstore Innovation is on a mission – to be the number 1 production agency for innovative marketing solutions by

… helping our clients stand out from their competition and achieve outstanding results in their direct marketing campaigns.”


The power of ‘the internet search’ has given birth to a big challenge for us. Buyers are becoming more savvy every day, and with the amount of information at peoples fingertips and the ability to become mini-experts overnight, we have to be sure we are able to compete in other ways. And our answer to competing against our cheaper, higher risk competitors is simple

Trust and Pedigree coupled with a price match promise


We have the experience and knowledge to win the trust of all of the companies we have been lucky enough to work with (that you will see on this website) AND we will match the price of any LIKE-FOR-LIKE product out there, on evidence of a formal competitor quotation supplied to us stating the detailed product specifications. That is our promise to you.